Fix: iTunes 11.1 cannot find iPhone or iPad over USB on Windows 8.1

If you’ve installed iTunes 11.1 (released 2013/09/18), and now iTunes can’t find your iPhone / iPad / other iDevice over USB, this is how to fix it.

NB: None of the below applies if you are syncing over wifi, that should work without doing any of this. It was working for me, but I wanted to force install a .ipsw so needed USB to work.

With your device plugged in, Open Device Manager and see if you have an “Apple Mobile Device USB Driver” under Universal Serial Bus controllers:




I’ve got two on mine because I had both an iPad and iPhone plugged in.

Anyway, if you don’t see those, you need to follow the instructions on how to update the driver on the Apple kb article here:

Again, in short, navigate to the device in Device Manager under “Portable Devices”, update driver, and point it at the driver in c:\program files\common files\apple\mobile device support\drivers , and tell it to use the one it finds.

Unplug and replug your devices and iTunes should pick them up.

Hope this helps someone out. Leave me a comment if it does.

Fix: Wrong resolution when re-syncing HDMI from Media Centre

My setup: Windows 7, nVidia G210 HDMI, Marantz SR6004, Panasonic plasma.

If the amp is put into standby and then turned back on, often the media centre will output a low resolution once everything syncs. The fix for this is to go through the display settings wizard in media centre whilst it looks wrong, correct the res there, then save it.

I don’t get this when resuming the media centre from sleep, only when it has been on and effectively disconnected by the amp being powered off.

All credit here:

ATi Catalyst 10.6 does not work with 4870×2 cards or Crossfire

The Crossfire problem is quite well known, but not many people are mentioning the issue with the 4870×2 – quite possibly it is broken with all x2 cards, furthermore it’s probably exactly the same issue as these are two GPUs on one card. Anyway, roll back to 10.5 until ATi fix it. My symptoms included all source engine games causing a flickering screen followed by a blue screen caused by the driver getting stuck in a loop. Also BFBC2 would only show a white screen instead of loading correctly.

DICE are still doing it right

DICE have confirmed that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on PC will stick to the tried, tested, favoured formula of using dedicated servers for on-line play. Infinity Ward / Activision’s recent hit Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 had dropped support for such servers, to outcry from the PC and pro gaming community.

In my opinion DICE will see both Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 embraced by the community in exactly the same way that Battlefield 2 was – and still is some four years after release – with prize-winning tournaments still prevalent such as at the recent i38 gaming event.

ATi driver support is still boring

Is it so unreasonable to put a consumer grade graphics card into a computer running Windows Server 2008 or 2008 R2? ATi seem to think so as they offer absolutely no driver support for either platform if using one of their myriad of Radeon cards. You might think you could just use the Vista or Windows 7 versions, what with them being the same driver model? But no, the installer just crashes on load. nVidia Geforce cards just work.

Furthermore, like a complete plum, I bought an ATi 4550HD for my new media centre. Well now every time I take the TV out of stanbby I have to reset the HDMI connection by either running a clever app or powering the TV off and back on . Why? Because ATi can’t be bothered to fix the issue with their drivers.

The lesson here is never move away from nVidia. They are just much better at supporting their products and customers. I’ll be replacing everything ATi both home and at work with nVidia as soon as I can.

[woob]Robbo at i36 SF4 Final

A couple of vids below (remember to click HQ), of me getting beat by Affro in the i36 Street Fighter 4 final. Good banter throughout, though if he’d landed that super-taunt into ultra I think we would have fallen out. Last time I let him do one of those for the crowd :)